Artful Dilemmas

I decided that I would make my full moon celebration quilts 12″ x 12″. I have nothing attached to that number; there is nothing significant about it, it’s just an easy one for me. I have a 12.5″ x 12.5″ ruler, and I trim the edges when the quilting is done so I’ll have nice straight edges and the quilt will be 12″ x 12″. Easy as that.

There is a continuation of the journal quilt project going on. It’ll be an online exhibit only. And since my plan is already to make journal quilts, why not enter them? But here’s the dilemma. The journal quilts are going back to the old format of 8.5″ x 11″, vertical orientation. And I had already decided on 12″ x 12″. In fact, I’d already started creating a quilt for the series in 12″ x 12″. I could cut it smaller. I have little to no problems doing that. But I’m not sure that I want to do it, just to get the quilts into a show. I could just finish this one and complete the rest in the smaller format and just not enter this one as one of the three in the show, but I kind of wanted them all to be the same size to tie them all together. I’d like to make the decision before I start quilting the piece, so that I don’t have to quilt unnecessarily. Free-motioning is a lot of work, dontchaknow, and especially when you are working in a small format, every stitch counts.

In addition to that dilemma, I feel like the quilt I’m working on needs more, and I was thinking about putting in a snowy landscape below the moon, but I really didn’t want these quilts to be quite so…literal. It changes the whole perspective of the quilt and it would be changing the point of it almost completely and I’m not happy about that either. But you can’t force art and I am feelin’ the landscape. If only I can make it look as good as it does in my mind.

So anyway…didn’t work on it yesterday because a) I was tired and b) dilemmas.

Any thoughts?

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