NIH Juried Art Show

I submitted 3 pieces to the NIH Juried Art Show this year. Last year when it came around, it was advertised as only for NIH “SCIENTISTS” and while I could technically argue that I am a computer scientist, having a degree in that field, I didn’t overly care. This year, it came around and was announced as ANYONE with NIH in some form or fashion and since I am an NIH contractor, I fit the bill.

They chose the piece that’s been around the block and back, the purple swirly journal quilt. I was serious about retiring it after this show, if I can. No other quilts seem to stand a chance against it.

Anyway, I have to admit, at first I was a little disappointed. The “reception” was some plates of cookies and bottles of water. My quilt was in a “gallery case” through another set of doors, along with 8 other pieces – the rest of the pieces were located in a separate but attached length of hallway that seemed to gather much more in the way of crowds. AND they spelled my name wrong, making it impossible for anyone to contact me if they wanted to.

But then things improved. A few of my co-workers showed up, then Bill, then some of the people I am friendly with and then some Important People Whom I Am Friendly With. And then I finally went and spoke to the guy who had done much of the work on the show, to ask him to take my picture with the quilt. He told me how much he loved my piece and that they really wanted to display 2 of them, but that they were trying to go with only one piece/person (they had 500+ piece to chose from and only 40+ places). And then he asked me if Lillian had contacted me because she really wanted me to do a PRIVATE SHOW. Like…a show, all to myself, at NIH. Um. *blinkblinkblink*

We are not holding our breath.

But it was really nice to hear.

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