Party Shirt & My Son, the Fashion Model

Simplicity Pattern #2907
Toddler Separates: Toddler Pants, Shorts, Dress, Shirt or Vest (pictured: Shirt, style D)
Sizes: 1/2 – 4 (pictured: size 4)
Material used: 45″ Commercial Cotton Print (7/8 yd)
Other Materials: 6 snaps or buttons, fusible interfacing, hook & loop (optional)

Caleb's party shirt

Doesn’t he make an adorable fashion model? OK, I know, he’s my son, so of course I think he is cute.

Simplicity #2907

This pattern went together like a dream. It is so rare that commercial pattern pieces fit together so perfectly. All of the markers lined up and the seams matched and the points turned; wonderful.  It yeilded very clean, professional, and of course, adorable results.  Because it was such a busy print, I didn’t feel it was necessary to line up the print in the front or on the pockets – I don’t think it made a difference in the end results.  I used snaps on the pockets and shirt fronts – I’m having some trouble with the buttonholer on my sewing machine and the snaps were an easy fix until I have time to get the machine serviced.  I think in the end they added a nice touch, too.

On the downside…the lap instructions were a bit over-complicated, as were the instructions for adding flaps to the pockets (making sure the two snap halves were lined up for the pokets was quite a pain).  The sizing seems way off.  The shirt looks a little small, no?  Caleb takes a 3T/4T in most clothing now, sometimes even a 2T still (40lbs, 40″).  I would say this shirt is a 2T, not a 4, which is the size I made.  Already, he can’t snap that top snap (not that you would on a bowling-style shirt anyway).  It’s a little disappointing, after having spent so much time on the shirt, that he will only be able to wear it for a short time.  On the other hand, I like the pattern enough, I am going to see if I can get it in a larger size. 

So, in conclusion, excellent pattern, but watch the sizing on this one.

[EDIT 7/14/2010: Added my review to Pattern Review right here.]

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  1. Your kid is so adorable. I love buying my youngest exciting looking shirts and make him model for me as well. When we go out in public people really notice him and since he is still young he just loves all of the attention.

  2. I think you’re allowed to be a little biased in your estimation of his cuteness. Even so, that 3rd picture of him came out especially adorable.

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