New year, new project

As usual, it’s been a while.  But I’m back with new resolutions and new projects so you should all celebrate!  Woohoo!  This month’s project is brought to you by the ArtClash Collective.  A local artquilt aquaintance of mine was invited to join a non-local Artclash Fun-A-Day show and instead offered to organize a local one for the art quilt community.  As of right now, the interest seems too low to schedule a local show, but I decided to go ahead and do the project anyway.  At the end of January, if nothing is scheduled, I’ll have my own little art show on my own little wall in my own little room.  Maybe I’ll even invite some people over to stare at it when it’s done.

I’m creating 4″x4″ mini art quilts as the mood strikes me each day.  There’s no over-arching theme except size and that I will be using what I have on hand and whatever inspiration strikes me that day.  For now, I am just enjoying the small format that allows me to use up some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head; almost like a brainstorming exercise.  I plan to lay them out calendar style once the month is over and I can’t wait to see a complete month of quiltlets.  There are further explanations of each quilt and the inspiration I used for each over on flickr.

1. “Starlight” – January 1, 2011      2. “Green” – January 2, 2011      3. “Oath of Office” – January 3, 2011

Artclash Fun-A-Day Quiltlets Numbers 1-3

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  1. I love that you’re doing this. They’re very cool.
    -Mr. Hasty Quilter.

  2. I would LOVE to come stare at your completed set at the end of January! 🙂

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