Crafty Interlude: Angry Birds Pillow

Today, Caleb and I made this angry birds pillow.  Actually, I made the pillow and mostly he whined.  I thought he’d be excited about it since he loooOOOoooves Angry Birds, and he was…until it came down to doing some work.  Admittedly, the project was a little beyond the capabilities of a 4 year old…especially a four year old who doesn’t like to get glue on his hands. (Who the heck raised this kid? Not me, I was never that fastidious.) It’s simple really. No sewing needed!  Cut two large circles – one from teal and one from red jersey.  Cut slits around the … Continue reading

Sorting it all out

I’m running into the problem that caused me to make the to do list of doom: too many projects in the works and feeling overwhelmed.  I have a lot of things I want to work on this weekend and I need to prioritize.  I have serveral projects I’m being paid for that are not particularly inspiring, but I’m being paid for them and I need a pay day so I can continue with my other projects.  And the other projects are all in some state of completion, but not completed yet and I don’t know where to start.  I need … Continue reading

Creative Prompts: Wings

Jaye from Artquiltmaker Blog “dropped by” earlier this week and managed to convince me to give her Create Prompt Project a go.  This week’s prompt was Wings.  I’ve had this moth wing print laying around for a while and I’d been wanting to try my hand at a word quilt. Match made in heaven?  I think maybe: It needs a little beaded dragonfly? moth? fairy? Underneath the “W”, I think.   Not a butterfly, though.  I love a good butterfly as much as the next person, but I don’t think a butterfly works here…