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Getting away from it all

We had a short vacation last weekend, only to return to a family emergency.  I will write a longer post when it’s all handled but for now, you didn’t think I would go on a vacation without something to sew, did you?

Stitching on the Beach

Crafty Interlude: Angry Birds Pillow

angry birds mosaic

Today, Caleb and I made this angry birds pillow.  Actually, I made the pillow and mostly he whined.  I thought he’d be excited about it since he loooOOOoooves Angry Birds, and he was…until it came down to doing some work.  Admittedly, the project was a little beyond the capabilities of a 4 year old…especially a four year old who doesn’t like to get glue on his hands. (Who the heck raised this kid? Not me, I was never that fastidious.)

It’s simple really. No sewing needed!  Cut two large circles – one from teal and one from red jersey.  Cut slits around the edges of the circles, about 3 inches long and no wider than an inch.  If you don’t cut them at the same time, be sure you cut the same number of pieces!  Cut the face pieces out of felt and attach them using a good quality fabric glue.  Knot the fringe pieces together, teal to red, and stuff the pillow before you’ve finished tying all of the fringe together. Voilà! Angry Birds Pillow!

Sorting it all out

I’m running into the problem that caused me to make the to do list of doom: too many projects in the works and feeling overwhelmed.  I have a lot of things I want to work on this weekend and I need to prioritize.  I have serveral projects I’m being paid for that are not particularly inspiring, but I’m being paid for them and I need a pay day so I can continue with my other projects.  And the other projects are all in some state of completion, but not completed yet and I don’t know where to start.  I need a to-do list adjunct, if you will, just a to-do this for this weekend.

  1. Finish the Wings quilt (beaded dragonfly, hand binding, label, photograph)
  2. Finish the monster baby quilts (borders, sandwich, quilt, bind)
  3. Renn Faire costume for Pete ($$) (pants, vest, bag)
  4. Menswear pillows for Etsy shop ($$)
  5. Winter Robes for Katrina ($$) (dress, hood)
  6. Business attire for myself (Wednesday!!!)
  7. Valance panels for daycare classroom ($$ – reimbursed for fabric)

And in the midst of all that, I have to, you know, be a mom, a friend, make food, go to a picnic, possibly go to the Renn Faire.  So…I wonder if I should invest in a case of 5 hour energy drink…………..


Creative Prompts: Wings

Jaye from Artquiltmaker Blog “dropped by” earlier this week and managed to convince me to give her Create Prompt Project a go.  This week’s prompt was Wings

I’ve had this moth wing print laying around for a while and I’d been wanting to try my hand at a word quilt. Match made in heaven?  I think maybe:


It needs a little beaded dragonfly? moth? fairy? Underneath the “W”, I think. 


 Not a butterfly, though.  I love a good butterfly as much as the next person, but I don’t think a butterfly works here…