Crafty Interlude: Angry Birds Pillow

angry birds mosaic

Today, Caleb and I made this angry birds pillow.  Actually, I made the pillow and mostly he whined.  I thought he’d be excited about it since he loooOOOoooves Angry Birds, and he was…until it came down to doing some work.  Admittedly, the project was a little beyond the capabilities of a 4 year old…especially a four year old who doesn’t like to get glue on his hands. (Who the heck raised this kid? Not me, I was never that fastidious.)

It’s simple really. No sewing needed!  Cut two large circles – one from teal and one from red jersey.  Cut slits around the edges of the circles, about 3 inches long and no wider than an inch.  If you don’t cut them at the same time, be sure you cut the same number of pieces!  Cut the face pieces out of felt and attach them using a good quality fabric glue.  Knot the fringe pieces together, teal to red, and stuff the pillow before you’ve finished tying all of the fringe together. Voilà! Angry Birds Pillow!

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  1. I tried making a blanket with my two girls, one of those no sew ones. Older one gave up half way and the younger one wanted to cut everything to shreds. But I finished them. =D
    Not sure what sort of knotting you did on your fringe, but the blanket instructions suggested an overhand knot which looks really neat.
    ((Online instructions:*To tie an overhand knot, keep the two pieces of fleece together (as it they were one piece) and wrap them around your finger forming a loop. Then, pass the ends through the loop you made and pull taught.) from
    But you probably already know this anyway, cus your awesomely crafty. =)
    Fabulous pillows!

    • I actually hadn’t thought of doing an overhand knot and I’m not sure I could have because my fringe was pretty short.

      I can’t take credit for the idea, I saw a photo of someone else’s Angry Birds pillow when I was looking for after school craft projects. I didn’t have any instructions though, so I made it up on the fly.

  2. Adorably brilliant! I love it.

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