Are you envious?

I finished my Envy blocks for the February 2012 Nubees Swap! I really didn’t think I would get them done so quickly, but I started sewing last night and just couldn’t bring myself to stop until I was done.Β  I’m really loving the look of the Envy block.


I had a little bit of trouble with the block initially – turns out the needle wasn’t centered in my sewing machine’s throat plate so I was sewing more than a quarter inch seam allowance without even realizing.Β  I ended up over-compensating and so the blocks all had to be trimmed down, but this is both good an bad — bad is that I had an extra step to do to clean up the edges, but good is that my swapping partners will be receiving perfectly shaped 12 1/2″ blocks with perfect edges. πŸ™‚

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  1. Love that block, particularly in that it looks so different depending on the fabric. Beautiful as always.

    Someone was admiring our altar quilt yesterday with great enthusiasm. I am going to send her to your esty site!

  2. Yes I’m envious cuz you were done so fast! This is a great block….I know I can’t wait to have mine. I’m finally feeling better and got some ambition back….just one NuBee block left for me to make.

  3. These are so beautiful! I’m trying to make just one, and the little split triangles in the corners of the center square are giving me fits! Seems no matter what I do, my machine eats them! I may have to put it aside until tomorrow. So frustrating!

    • My first fix when that happens to me is always to change my needle. If it continues to happen and I’m sure the needle is fresh, then I start sewing about a quarter inch in and stitch backwards as if I’m locking the stitch. That usually works. Also helps to start sewing on the long side of the triangle instead of the pointy end. I hope that helps. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is just to walk away from the project for a little while. πŸ™‚

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