Nubees Block Swap update

So I’m still swapping like a mad woman in 2012.  I finished up two new sets for my hive members just this past weekend:

For Hive #1, March/April 2012 swap I made up a block based on the knee socks quilt block from The Modern Quilt Guild:

Nubees Mar/Apr 2012 - Hive 1

 The tutorial for the original block can be found here: .  I’m going to have to explore it further soon, I love it that much.

For Hive #8, April 2012 swap I made wonky churn dashes for all (except one hive member who didn’t want a wonky block so I made her a special non-wonky one 😉 ):

Wonky Churn Dashes for all!

 I have a new love for churn dashes, I think.  The first time I really worked with this block was to make the baby quilt that is currently for sale on Etsy.  I really didn’t like the pattern then, but I was also working hard to preserve and use every scrap of the print because I only had enough for that one small quilt and it’s out of print now. With these I had a little more freedom to play around and I like the effect. 

Next up, a report on my Doll Quilts, the one I sent AND the one I received in turn.

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