And the bunny ran away with the spoon

Back when I first found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I started thinking about all of the clothes that I was going to make for her over the years. I sorted out patterns, started collecting fabrics, and put aside special buttons and trims. Now I have a baby and a stack of fabrics and patterns as tall as she is, but I don’t want to make anything because “she’ll just grow out of it so fast”.  Who wants to put in all that time and effort if she’s only going to wear it once?

The problem is, I only bought small pieces of fabric, thinking I wouldn’t need much for baby clothes (which is true); but the more she grows, the more of those fabrics I’ve been collecting I’ll need and in most cases, I don’t have more!  So I needed to start SOMEWHERE and SOON.

Somewhere is here.  I whipped up these little bloomers/shorts in an hour, and stitched the bunny motif to a plain white onesie that was sitting, unworn, in her drawer.

14589767679_68274d4072_oI used the (FREE!) Sweet and Simple Bloomer Pattern from Sewing Mama RaeAnna. It literally (not figuratively) took me an hour. Not a minute more.  They’re made from a half yard of cute Japanese double gauze I got during the fabric exchange at the DCMQG meeting back in June. The only modification I made to the pattern was that I only had 1/4 inch elastic on hand, so I finished the waistband just like the legs with a little bit of a ruffle on top.  I haven’t worked much with double gauze, and was worries about fraying and separating, but it wasn’t bad at all, and the hems pressed very nicely.  I chose to zig-zag seams because I didn’t feel like getting out my serger and threading it for 5 minutes worth of work, but I think I would use the serger next time just for a more professional finish. I added a little piece of twill tape ribbon to the back just so that we can tell the difference between front and back when putting the pants on her. I’m impressed by how well these washed too – no ironing necessary!

I let my husband pick out the bunny with the spoon for the front of the onesie (Personally I would have gone for the squirrel eating a donut…).

14591611579_0fab1010ba_zAnd here’s the little bean modelling her new outfit:

14778141945_45bc31fd92_zDespite the ruffled edges this is a pretty gender neutral outfit – I’m thinking a set like this would make a nice, super quick, baby gift for either a boy or a girl in the future!

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