Meet: Humphrey

Did you know that Albino Humpback Whales are a thing?  I didn’t. I guess to be more specific I should say, “Did you know that THE Albino Humpback Whale IS a thing?” After all, there is only one:

…or is there? Meet Humphrey:



I made Humphrey for a sweet little boy who loves the OctonautsI saw the pattern on Craftsy and just KNEW that I had to make it for him. It has only 4 pattern pieces, fits together really beautifully and only took about 2 hours to make!  My only caution is that it is designed for A4 paper, not our standard US 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper, so I ended up having to guesstimate the nose and tail of the body pieces (it totally works out, though). This is noted in the pattern description, I just failed to read it. I added embroidered eyes too, I thought Humphrey needed a face.

Remember, always apply sunscreen liberally to your friendly, neighborhood, Albino Humpback Whale!


PS. if you’re wondering about that amazing, beautiful, luscious pile of yarn that Humphrey is sitting on, I took these photos at Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg,VA at the DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting last weekend.

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  1. Super cool stuffed toy. I loved seeing and feeling the softness last weekend. So glad you brought it there to share with us in person.

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