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Alyson, photo by Jenna Ebert Photography

Obsessed quilter. Avid seamstress. Fabric snob. Thread fanatic, needle hoarder, scissor loser, button hog, and mess maker. Occasional mess cleaner-upper and scissor finder.

I live just outside of Washington, DC with my computer programming, D&D playing husband, Bill; Pokemon-, Super Mario-, Lego-obsessed 7-year-old, Caleb; just starting to discover her personality, baby, Erica, and our smelly (but we love her anyway) rescue dog, Daisy. In my other life, I work as a Web Developer/Analyst & Social Media Strategist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). I also enjoy cooking, baking, preserving, crocheting, building with Legos, and watching television.

I hate cleaning bathrooms.

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