Exhibited, take 2!

The second item for the Ghosts of a Chance Intiative was a “Predictor of Imminent Doom”. I’m quite flattered to be chosen to be exhibited a second time on the Luce Foundation website, although I have to admit that I don’t love the way my artifact was photographed. Still it shows the different wheels and the dangley bits!

Here’s the Prompt:

Searching for Guidance? Every Man (and Woman) knows the value of a good Prediction. It’s the hunch you feel, usually registering in your Gut, and if you’d only followed that hunch you’d be living up the hill. Why not learn the tricks of Wall Street Bankers, Generals and Statesmen whose livelihoods depend on knowing what Imminent Doom the future holds. The problem was that few could afford such Predictors. We have been fortunate enough to make terms with Manufacturers of the best Predictors to enable us to sell them to you for only $2.00. The same quality, the same assurance as with more expensive models. Made from the purest Elements from forests in Paraguay and Guiana. Usually sold for $5.00. Yours for $2.00. If by mail, postage extra, 2 cents.

I want a device that predicts the future, and the imminent doom it holds. Find and modify an already-existing one or create one of your own.

Daisy Fortunis

I can’t wait to see everything exhibited, in person, on October 25th!

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