It’s been a while…

My husband tells me that even though I can’t write much about what I am currently working on, I should make a post to that affect.

But I know you want to hear more than that, now don’t you?  Like, where the heck I have been for the last 5-ish months? And what’s been going on in the world of hasty quilting? And what even happened to that crazy art show I was taking part in?  Well, I’m here to answer all of that. Just sit on back and make yourselves comfortable.

At the end of August we visited the beach and to make a very long story short, I broke my leg. If you know me in person, you’ve certainly heard all of the gory details and whining and complaining already. I had surgery to put things back together and although it was my left leg, leaving my sewing foot free, I just couldn’t manage sewing for a while. I crocheted a little bit from my place on the couch, but other than that, not much crafting was going on. I finally managed some sewing in the form of a Halloween costume for my little man.

That doesn’t explain what happened from June to August, though, I hear you cry! Well…I was occupied with Artomatic; then I was just occupied. The weather was just too beautiful, the sun was too shiny, the days were too warm. In other words, I have no excuse. Maybe I just needed a wee vacation from the flurry of sewing that lead up to Artomatic. Unless you REALLY want to psychoanalyze my brain, we’ll never know.

So that brings us up to now. I decided, in a wave of medical bills related to the broken leg, and a fit of insanity, that we needed to spend as little money as possible on the holidays this year. To that end, I am sewing, sewing, sewing myself silly on Christmas gifts. This unfortunately means that I can’t tell you much about what is going on until after the holidays because some of the gifts I am making are for folks who read this blog. I do promise to post what I can before the holidays, plus a few holdovers from the summer that I never got around to.  Hang in there, the sewing hiatus is over!

Before I forget, in other important news – I moved my etsy shop from to If you had me bookmarked, please update your bookmarks. And if you didn’t have my bookmarked, then go and bookmark me. In the new location. *natch*

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