My blogging cycle

Sometime around mid-year think “Gosh, I really need to update my blog!” (Hey look, it’s mid-year right now!) Blog a few times. Make a commitment to blog at least once a week. Re-neg on that commitment right away. Keep blogging sporadically, but at least once a month. Get busy making projects for holiday gift giving. Realize I can’t blog any of the gifts without giving something away. Give up on blogging until after the winter … Continue reading

Resolution Review: January

Since we’ve reached the end of January (ALREADY!) I thought it would be a good time to check in and take stock of what I’ve accomplished this month.  I think the resolution to blog more and sew more is going rather well…don’t you? 12 blog posts: Whew! Well, that happened… So many palettes, so little time And the winner is…! Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey…Stuff Timey Wimey Shark Block of the Month? No, that’s not right. … Continue reading

Warning: House Under Quarantine

Ack. I wanted to make a post about how I finished my new curtains for the living room. …about how I completed several of the baby quilts for the kiddos are are due (or already here). …about how I made several nifty items to sell in my Etsy shop. …about how I completed and entire new wardrobe for myself. Instead, I’ve been sitting on the couch for most of the week staring at the tv, … Continue reading

NaNoSEWMo Check In

Quilts completed: 1 Quilted Pillow Covers completed: 7 Cosmetic bag completed: 7 Total items completed: 15 Total items currently in process: 6 Days left in the month: 8. Items left to complete: 15. Days left until Small Business Saturday when I plan to reopen my etsy store: 4. I’m starting to feel really excited about Small Business Saturday! Continue reading

NaNoSEWMo math

Baby gifts completed: 2 Quilted Pillow Covers completed: 6 Cosmetic bag completed: 1 Total items completed: 9 Total items currently in process: 3 Days left in the month: 15. Items left to complete: 21. Days left until Small Business Saturday when I plan to reopen my etsy store (Did I forget to mention that?): 11. So, I’m a bit behind, but I’m happy with my progress. Continue reading


I am not a writer.  I have never purported to be a wordsmith of any sort. The rules of grammar have always appealed to me in their strange, logical, somewhat mathematical way.  I used to actually enjoy diagramming sentences (no really, I did.), but I digress. I’m not a writer, but, as I’m sure you are aware, November is time for NaNoWriMo. My husband has decided to participate. And since I am suffering from sewing … Continue reading

Burn Out

If you are friends with me on Facebook, which I have to assume most of my readers are, you’ve seen the seemingly endless posts about costumes, costumes and more costumes.  I am so burnt out. My fingers are numb for poking them with pins. I can’t see the sewing room floor for all of the fabric scraps on it. To be honest, I don’t think I want to see the sewing room floor, or any … Continue reading

Sorting it all out

I’m running into the problem that caused me to make the to do list of doom: too many projects in the works and feeling overwhelmed.  I have a lot of things I want to work on this weekend and I need to prioritize.  I have serveral projects I’m being paid for that are not particularly inspiring, but I’m being paid for them and I need a pay day so I can continue with my other … Continue reading

To-do list!

Here it is, the post you’ve been waiting for! The monumental to-do list of DOOM! Word baby quilt Rail fence baby quilt Monster Baby quilt Monster Baby quilt Wonky zig-zag Baby quilt Baby quilt (pattern undecided – for march) Nautical quilt (etsy store) Nautical flags  quilt & pillows (gift): tap pants: Halloween costume (undecided! – Caleb) dragon skirt Cancelled since I used the fabric on the tie project! finishing touches on 2 bags (etsy … Continue reading

Where do I begin…

Clearly, this blog isn’t working for me.  I don’t know what it is.  I’ve been sewing, not as much as I would like, but still…sewing.  I have things I could post about, and I don’t. Maybe I got out of the habit.  Maybe I’m just uninspired to write.  I can’t put my finger on it.  BUT, I’m not ready to give up yet! I do think part of me is a little OVER-stimulated.  There are … Continue reading