To-do list!

Here it is, the post you’ve been waiting for! The monumental to-do list of DOOM!

  1. Word baby quilt
  2. Rail fence baby quilt
  3. Monster Baby quilt
  4. Monster Baby quilt
  5. Wonky zig-zag Baby quilt
  6. Baby quilt (pattern undecided – for march)
  7. Nautical quilt (etsy store)
  8. Nautical flags  quilt & pillows (gift):
  9. tap pants:
  10. Halloween costume (undecided! – Caleb)
  11. dragon skirt Cancelled since I used the fabric on the tie project!
  12. finishing touches on 2 bags (etsy store)
  13. finishing touches on 2 other bags (gifts) 
  14. Men’s shirt pillows (etsy store)
  15. Refashioning vintage Saks jacket
  16. Adjustments to dress from goodwill
  17. Touch painting art quilt series
  18. hash out ideas for Christmas gift
  19. screen printed rabbit quilt (etsy store)
  20. jelly roll floor pillow:
  21. Obi Belt:
  22. Patchwork puzzle ball:
  23. Simple kid’s tie (for Caleb, 8/20) Blogged
  24. fabric containers/boxes for smaller project storage
  25. reorganize the fabric stash
  26. small kaleidoscope quilt (gift)
  27. large kaleidoscope quilt
  28. Winter robe set for Katrina
  29. Summer robes for Angela
  30. Program pouches (Valerie’s Wedding, 8/20) Blogged
  31. Creative prompt cards, series of quilts
  32. Renn Faire costume commission
  33. Teach Jenna to use her sewing machine 🙂


That’s it for now, more laterz.

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  1. Don’t forget about “part-time rock star” in your description of you, as well as “full-time goddess.” Yay!

  2. OI! What a list!

    Can we add “teach Jenna how to use her sewing machine” on that list?! 😉

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