Whew! Well, that happened…

If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there wondering what the heck happened to 2012. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who wishes ill to the previous year or looks on the coming year with fear and disdain, but seriously, where on Earth did the time go?

Chapter 2013, Page 1 of 365

I didn’t put too much thought into my goals for the coming year, but I thought I should articulate a little here.  I would really, Really, REALLY like to sew more and write more.  REALLY. I think a reasonable goal for the year is the sew 52 things. I’ve joined Alyssa Lichner’s Pile o’ Fabric BOM (check out the nifty graphic over there on the right —>), so that’s 24 items already if I count each step as one item in and of itself and as long as I keep up. I have a couple of memorial quilts to make, a few more baby quilts, a raffle quilt, some wedding gifts, and between all that, the regular, every day, birthday gifts, swaps  and just plain old necessities (I have to whip up some more pajama pants for Caleb like, yesterday). Even more so, I want to fill up my Etsy shop and keep it that way, rather than only getting things up in time for the holidays.  With all of that important sewing ahead of me, I don’t see how I can fail to meet my goal (*smile*). Have I mentioned that I’m nearsighted?

I have a few items that I sewed in the last year that I’ll be making posts about soon. And some planning to do for the Skill Builder BOM! I see so many planning posts and process posts in my future!  I hope I’ll enjoy 2013 & I hope that you will too. Maybe we can enjoy it together?

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