So many palettes, so little time

First thing’s first with Alyssa’s BOM, I need to pick a palette and pull some fabric.  Here, I am torn.  I would like to work with fabrics that I currently have in my stash, BUT I think I would also like to work with a palette that I’m not normally drawn to.  It would stand to reason that colors I am not normally drawn to would not be in my stash. Huh.

I was feeling pretty stumped about this, so I headed over to Design Seeds palette search and started scrolling through the seemingly endless ways of putting colors together.  In the end, I limited myself to the fowl category, thinking I would chose a peacock feather to work from.

Peacock Feather Palette

I like this, but there’s less variation in the color than I expected. Alyssa suggested a palette of 4-5 colors with varying values. I do have a lot of blue fabrics in my stash, but I’m not sure I have enough hue variation to account for 4-5 colors.

Next, I found this palette which is very, very different from my usual:

feathered color palette

But I wonder if it isn’t too different? My stash is pretty big, but if I don’t have enough of these colors, (my biggest worry is the coral colors) I won’t be able to do it from my stash, which is the ultimate goal.  Still, I really like this set of colors and it includes the neutral, natural color that I thought would be the perfect background.

Moving on, I found this one:

hummingbird hues color palette

…which just might well be perfect. I could use grey as the background and build out the blues and purples and greens pretty easily.

I really should have just stuck with the one above, but I kept going (you try stopping at just one palette! That Design Seeds site is addictive!) and found this:

macaw hues color palette

…and I love it too. It follows all of the the ‘rules’ I set for myself, colors I don’t normally work with, but that can be found in my stash. And there is plenty of color and variation to work with.

So I guess now the only solution is to start pulling fabrics and see how the piles measure up, eh?

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  1. Each time you showed me color I though oh thats nice, but ultimately I love the final one you chose. All you will need to do is build off the Cayenne Red, Greens, and Blue and you will have a really beautiful palette I can’t wait to see!

    • So funny! I did a little vote amongst my friends, most of them non-quilters/sewers and they nearly unanimously chose the hummingbird palette. I do really like the macaw palette though! I’m going to pull fabrics tonight and see what I can come up with for each set of colors.

  2. Beautiful color choice, I’m looking forward to seeing your fabric choices.

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