And the winner is…!

I still don’t know.

Here’s the set that that I pulled to go with the hummingbird hues palette:
Fabric options #2

The background on this one is grey.  I do need to buy some more grey fabric, I’m running quite low.

And here’s the set that I pulled to go with the macaw hues palette:
Fabric set #1

For this one, I think the background will be natural and the 4th color will be white.  I’m not keen on making an entire quilt with a white background, and I like the idea of the white ‘popping’.  I could pick up a few white-on-white fabrics or some natural-on-white designs to give the white a little variation.


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  1. Resist the urge to buy more fabric! Take it from someone who is staring at 5 tubs of yarn stacked in her living room. I have no idea where they are going to go!

    • Oh, Mary…I see your 5 tubs of yarn and raise you 3 bookshelf units of fabric, plus a six drawer unit of unfinished projects and, oh yeah, my own tub of yarn (only one, though). 🙂

      My fabric collection is…extensive.

  2. The Macaw shades are really vibrant, but I think I like the humingbird hues best – the have a nice range for light to dark and they’s make a really beautiful quilt – a bit more subtle than the macaw shades. Both look great though 🙂

  3. I’m starting to lean that way too.

  4. I voted for the macaw fabrics only because those greens in the hummingbird palette – at least on my monitor – don’t seem to play well with the other hues. Your macaw colors are much brighter.

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