Monster Work in Progress

Another To-Do list project: Monster Baby Quilt!  No, not an extra large baby quilt, a baby quilt with monsters!  I bought these monster “patches” from Jennifer of the Cotton Monster at Crafty Bastards last year.  I originally intended to make a new quilt for Caleb, but I can barely get that boy to sleep under a sheet these days, let alone a quilt.  I have about a bazillion friends who are pregnant or who have had babies recently, so Monster Baby Quilts just made sense…especially since Crafty Bastards is coming up again soon (October 1st) and I can’t bring myself to shop if I haven’t used what I bought last year! (OK, that’s a lie, I absolutely COULD bring myself to shop, but it wouldn’t be very “responsible” or “adult” of me. *natch*)

The blocks have been randomly pieced around each monster patch – there will be enough for 2 baby quilts when I’m done.  This kind of piecing goes quickly until the end when you start measuring & trimming.  For me, it also produces a lot of waste, there are lots of little edges that need to be trimmed and they pile up.  Still, I love the look.

Monster Baby Quilt - WIP

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  1. Thanks so much for linking back to Cotton Monster! Mind if I share this post/photo on my blog or fb? I LOVE that you’ve done something truly amazing with my patches! The quilt looks lovely!

    • Of course, Jennifer, please feel free to share! I’ll hopefully have completed quilt pictures later this week…(fingers crossed!)

      Looking forward to seeing you at Crafty Bastards again this year.

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