Timey Wimey Shark Block of the Month? No, that’s not right.

Thank you everyone for the votes on my color palette for the Skill Builder BOM!  As of this morning, the macaw palette has 71% of the votes, vs. 29% for the hummingbird set.  No one voted for scrapping both palettes and starting over so I’m thankful for that.

macaw hues color palette

Last night, I popped into G Street Fabrics and picked up my six yards of (dark) natural background fabric.  I don’t have 6 yards of ANY fabric just lying around, save the stuff that I’m planning to make curtains out of.  I also picked up some small batik cuts to match the color palette exactly.  Since the full project will take a year and I’m sure my fabric choices will evolve over that time, I wanted to have some almost solids to tie me down.

I worked on making the patterns for the first three Dr. Who quilts yesterday too.  I just want you all to promise me that when I start whining and complaining about all the tiny little pieces that you won’t point out that it was all my fault in the first place. Matt Smith is ready for me to actually start working in fabric!


The rest are soon to follow.

A couple of other items from the week: I had a lovely conversation with Abby Glassenberg Designs about her blog and what sort of posts I find most interesting, etc. and in exchange, I got my hands on her Shark! pattern, which I plan on whipping up this weekend!  I picked up some white felt for Sharkie’s teeth, but I’m hopeful that the pattern will work well in cotton because I chose not to buy any fleece…

I got my special orders of peacock feathers so I can start making stuff for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

And  now that the holidays are over, I need to start designing my quilt for this round of the doll quilt swap.  I would say that my plate is QUITE full.

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  1. I will do my husbandly best to find some free time for you.

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