Exhibited, take 2!

The second item for the Ghosts of a Chance Intiative was a “Predictor of Imminent Doom”. I’m quite flattered to be chosen to be exhibited a second time on the Luce Foundation website, although I have to admit that I don’t love the way my artifact was photographed. Still it shows the different wheels and the dangley bits! Here’s the Prompt: Ghosts of a Chance Assignment #2submission – full Originally uploaded by alyson_olander Searching for … Continue reading

I’ve been blogged (& exhibited)!

I was going to hold off on this post until all of the pieces were in, but I just can’t. On September 8th, the Smithsonian American Art Museum started thier Ghosts of a Chance ARG. They have asked artists and crafters from all over to submit “artifacts” created in response to a prompt. The first prompt was the “Necklace of the Subaltern Betrayer”: Ghosts of a Chance Assignment #1 submission – full Originally uploaded by … Continue reading

Quick-and-Dirty (Renn Faire) Skirt

So last weekend, we headed out to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Sadly, I have not lost all of the baby weight from when my son was born and all of the “Renaissance”-wear that I have fits my pre-baby size and shape. I spent hours slaving over new clothes for my husband and more hours slaving over a costume for my son, and alright, I even spent a few hours slaving over a Polish Vest (Folkwear … Continue reading

An Introduction of Sorts

So I was born…well, how about I not go back that far. I am not a trained artist. What I have learned, I have learned through those elementary school art classes and trial and error. I may have taken a class here and there, but mainly, it’s all trial and error. I picked up quilting about 7 years ago when I discovered that a (then new) friend was quite an accomplished quilter herself. Quilting was … Continue reading