Another Zakka Swap

This time it’s magnets! I’m as excited for this one as I was for the last one…maybe more. I made a mosaic of fabric magnets I found on flickr that I love and/or things I think would work well as magnets (that I also love, of course). I’m already considering the possibility of sets of magnets to sell in my Etsy shop!

Any suggestions? Special requests?

RATZ Magnet Inspiration Mosaic

1. hexies, 2. hexie panda, 3. Little Mushroom Fridge Magnet, 4. VW Bug Sewing Buttons, 5. Felt Cookies, 6. itty bitty quilt block magnets, 7. Little Bird Fridge Magnet, 8. Tara, the magnets, 9. little pillow magnet., 10. Red & White Handsewn Fabric Flower Brooch / Hair Clip, 11. Felt Apple Fridge Magnet, 12. mushroom magnets, 13. flower pin

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  1. Medieval themed Hex magnets please?

  2. too cute!
    love your mosaic

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