(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday!

I received my amazing mini from Uberstitch last night! Isn’t it beautiful?

8490083025_b01f5143e5_oShe can’t possibly have known how well it would fit in with my collection of pink-ish flowery quilts that I have received in swaps over the years. Seriously! Amazing. I need to reorganize my wall of quilts but when I do I will definitely post a picture of them all together.

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  1. So where are you going to hang it?

    • I can’t decide if I want to move the quilts to over the piano and the family portrait to where the quilts are, or just move the quilts around in the corner that they are already in…

  2. I’d actually been thinking about finally pulling out the Family tree frames we have and hanging those on either side of the family portrait.

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